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5 Reasons Why Buying A Used Truck Is A Better Investment Than Buying A New Truck

Buying a brand new truck is exciting, especially when it comes to your DREAM truck. Mesmerised over the shininess, gruntyness, and newness of a brand new truck? And all those extra features and gadgets that make work and leisure so much better! Until you have a look at the price tag; costs add up quickly. Not to worry, you can buy the brand new entry-level truck without the features. The features can wait.. However, then you are then driving off with a lot less than you were hoping for. Buyers’ regret begins to sink in.. ‘Why would I have buyers regret after purchasing my dream, brand new truck’? Well, that brand new truck you just bought without the additional features and packages you wanted, just depreciated in value as soon as the tires hit the road. So not only did you spend your entire budget and compromise on those additional extras you have always needed and dreamed of, but your truck will now never be worth the value of what you paid for it initially. Does it really seem worth it? 

Let us share 5 reasons why buying a used truck is a much better investment than buying a new truck. 

1. More Cost-Effective / Better Prices

Let’s not beat around the bush.. Trucks are expensive. However, not a pre-owned truck thank you for the depreciation. Many brand new trucks have a starting price of around $50,000 not including features or extra gadgets. A huge benefit of buying a pre-owned truck is the ability to find a price tag that meets your budget; without having to compromise the additional extras. You can get a used truck that is only a few years old for thousands of dollars cheaper. On top of saving money on the initial purchase means insurance rates will be cheaper on a previously owned truck too.

2. More Durability and Reliability.

While we can sense your worry from here about buying a second-hand truck, let’s put that worry to rest. Trucks are made to handle heavy loads, earth moving, and transporting large amounts of materials; they don’t get their name of being heavy-duty trucks for nothing.  If you worry about the wear and tear when buying a used truck there is an abundance of online tools to support your decision with a clear mind; the key one being Carfax. This online site can show an abundance of information on your soon-to-be truck such as a vehicle’s repair history, maintenance, and all the rest to ensure you are making a smart, well-thought-out investment. This site also offers the chance to read reviews of different truck models and trims from previous owners to see the pros and con’s from a more personal view, allowing you to find the perfect truck for you. 

3. 3-Month Warranty Guaranteed

Buying a truck is an investment and we want to help you protect that investment. Here at Eastern Trucks, we offer a 3 months warranty on any truck you purchase.

With this in mind, knowing you are buying an already reliable truck and having this added protection, you will be able to ride the roads with peace of mind. 

4. More Features and Packages

As mentioned earlier on, not only will you be saving money by purchasing a used truck, you will now be able to afford those additional features you have dreamed of! While we know extra features are expensive and can increase depending on the type of truck you are looking to purchase; buying used you will be able to get the features you want at a cheaper or similar price to a new entry model truck that comes as is.

Let’s be realistic, do you want a shiny brand new truck with no added features and one that depreciates in value fast? Or a second-hand truck that you can have all your extra added features along with far less depreciation? The answer is clear to us.

5. Far Less Depreciation

You will be making a smarter investment purchasing a used truck, why? Because it’s not only about saving money on those initial costs and features when it comes to buying a used truck. While depreciation happens regardless if it is an old or new truck; buying a brand new truck that depreciation is going to happen a lot faster as opposed to a used truck. It is said that as soon as your tires hit the road on a new truck purchase your vehicle drops immediately and will continue to drop in the first year on average 20% of the brought price. That shiny new truck you brought for $50,000 will lose around $10,000 in its first year. Yes, you heard right, ten thousand dollars. By purchasing a pre-owned truck you will see a much smaller loss in value in the first year.

Remember trucks are made for the terrain and have huge durability. Don’t settle for less when you can have all the extra features you know and love with a pre-owned truck. Make a smart investment today with Eastern Trucks.