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HIAB trucks for sale nz

Crane Trucks For Sale NZ

Here at Eastern Trucks, we offer a wide range of trucks – including crane trucks and line trucks. All our crane trucks are mechanically checked before your purchase to ensure they are suitable for road usage. Each truck comes with WOF and registration; with the option to get a pre-purchase inspection. We also offer a 3-month mechanical warranty on all of our trucks (exclusions apply).

Qualities to look for before purchasing a used crane truck:

The Reach Of The Crane

It is essential to consider the reach you will need for the jobs you will be using the crane truck for. While considering the reach capability you will need, it is important to consider the future of your business, and weigh up whether you might need a longer reach in the future. These trucks are a long investment, therefore it is important to take your business’s future into consideration before making a decision based on your current situation without any future thinking.

Payload/Max Amount Of Weight The Truck Can Take

Each crane truck is capable of carrying a different load capacity. It is important to know what max payload capacity you will need the crane truck to carry to ensure you purchase the right crane truck for your business needs.

Size Of The Tray

Each crane truck is equipped with a different size tray. It is important to figure out roughly how much internal tray space you will require and ensure all the vehicles you consider have the space you are going to need.

For more tips on purchasing used trucks in general, please visit our blog post 10 things to check when buying used trucks.

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