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5 Advantages of buying a refrigerated box truck

How a Refrigerated Box Truck Can Benefit Your Business

1. Flexibility in your schedule 

Unlike hiring a refrigerated box truck, having your own will allow you to cater to your customer’s needs with more flexibility to accommodate to their busy schedules. It will also allow you to work in with your and your employee’s schedule, rather than trying to work around hire periods. 

2. Transport a bigger variety of products 

Without a refrigerated truck, you are limited to what you can transport. Most refrigerated vehicles also offer a humidity control system which means you can transport goods such as art or food with peace of mind the goods you are transporting won’t get damaged by heat or humidity. You will also widen your cargo options to things like makeup, pharmaceuticals, and lab or engineering materials. 

3. Most refrigerated trucks are customizable 

If you need some of your goods frozen and other products in the same delivery at fridge temperature, this is usually possible to customize to suit your business’s needs. 

4. Your business will save money 

At the end of the day, it is most businesses aim to save money in all areas of their business. By getting your own refrigerated truck you will save money by:

  • Completing more deliveries with your flexible schedule 
  • Reducing your product spoilage prevents you from spending money rectifying issues 
  • Minimise staff overheads from organizing the hiring of the vehicle to going to pick it up, drop it off, and everything else involved in hiring instead of buying. 
  • Maintain your clients by delivering them fresh, well-transported goods! 

5. You will prevent product spoilage

Whether it’s food items you are carrying or medical goods, you will prevent spoilage by carrying it at a controlled temperature during transit.

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