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Tipper Trucks For Sale

What trucks do we offer?

Here at Eastern Trucks we offer an extensive range of commercial tipper trucks for sale; these include the Standard Dump Truck, Transfer (truck and transfer) Truck, End Dump Truck, and the Tri-Axle Dump Truck. All our Tipper Trucks are mechanically checked prior to your purchase to ensure they are suitable for road usage. Each truck comes with WOF and registration; with the option to get a pre-purchase inspection. We also offer a 3 month mechanical warranty on all of our trucks (exclusions apply).

3 Key things to determine the right tipper truck; prior to purchase.

First and foremost you must know what you are using your tipper truck for, to determine the
best one for you. Below are some helpful tips to think about before purchasing a tipper truck.

Productivity and fuel efficiency

To ensure productivity and efficiency you must think about purchasing something that is sustainable and productive for the use YOU need it for. Fuel accounts for more than 50% of overall operational costs for tipper trucks which suggests we must consider the cubic metres and cost per/tonne to ensure the least amount of cost. Knowing costs of input and output will help you determine if these trucks are suitable for the jobs you are needing them for. Productivity and fuel efficiency are hand-in-hand vital factors when thinking about purchasing a truck.

Operational performance and efficiency – what’s the load?

What are you using your Tipper Truck for? How often are you using it, and what is the
amount of weight / tonnes that is going into it? These can determine whether you are looking for a single or rear twin axles, whether you choose a front or rear-wheel drive and long or short wheel bases.These are all questions that you must know going into a purchase of a truck. Tipper Trucks have the hardest operating life of any HGV and this needs to be taken into consideration before making your purchase. 

Drivers comfort, up-time and safety

Comfort is essential when it comes to something you use every day. Not only comfort but up-time is a key factor before purchasing; knowing that what you’re purchasing is able to perform its intended function whether it is hauling freight, bulk materials or earth moving.


Here at Eastern Trucks we ensure your truck is safe for operational work.

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