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An overview of the used trucks for sale in NZ

Whether they are imported or NZ new, there are many different types of used trucks available for sale in NZ. In this blog we’ve given an overview of the different types of trucks available and what they are best used for.

Tipper Trucks

Tipper trucks are ideal for carrying loose materials such as dirt, grain, sand, fill, rocks & wood chips. These trucks allow you to carry these loose materials in bulk to work sites and dump them using tipping cylinders.

 Flat Deck Trucks

Flat deck trucks have a flat body with no sides or roof around the back section of the vehicle. These types of trucks are versatile vehicles. Flat deck trucks are typically used for:

  • Transporting abnormal sized cargo 
  • Constructional steel work 
  • Transporting machinery 

Advantages of a flat deck truck:

  • Easy to load long items, for example, timber, beams & poles
  • Lighter than other truck options due to no structure on top of the trailer 
  • Can be unloaded and loaded from on top, for example, by crain
  • Can be quick to load and unload 

Disadvantages of a flat deck truck:

  • Cargo is exposed to weather
  • Items are not locked up
  • Odd shaped items can cause wind resistance

Refrigerated Trucks

These vehicles are quite obviously used to transport perishable goods from one destination to another, however, can also be beneficial for transporting other goods such as chemicals and engineer materials, medicine and vaccines that require a certain temperature to avoid spoilage. 

Advantages of a refrigerated truck:

  • If you are in the transport industry, more opportunities for transporting perishable goods 
  • Easy pick up and delivery 


  • Extra vehicle maintenance due to having a refrigerator unit
  • Extra expenses, for example, trailer cleaning
  • Spoiled freight

Tail Lift Truck

Tail lift trucks are great for transporting large items. Having a tail lift on the back of the truck allows for easy transport – there is no need for machinery to assist.


  • No need for a fork lift 
  • Easy delivery and pick up
  • Bridge the height difference between a loading dock and the vehicle


  • A broken or damaged tail lift is an expensive repair

Box Trucks

Box trucks have an enclosed cargo area. They are used for moving furniture, carrying merchandise, delivering equipment & many more. These trucks are the most common trucks you will see around and are very versatile. 


  • No need to hook up a trailer
  • Safe storage container
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Economical


  • Cannot be loaded or unloaded from the top
  • Needs either machinery or people to load and unload from the back

Still not sure what the right truck is for your needs? Contact us and one of our experienced team members will assist you with finding the right truck for your needs.