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we sell reliable and tested commercial vehicles

Light Commercial Trucks For Sale in Auckland

Whether you need a purpose-made commercial vehicle such as a refrigerated truck to transport perishable goods, or a generic box truck for versatile use, we can help you find the right commercial vehicle for your business at Eastern Trucks.

Our extensive range includes:

Tail-lift trucks

Perfect for lifting items from ground level or handling goods from a loading doc to the level of the vehicle bed. Depending on your needs, we have different size trucks available for sale. Usually, we have 12m2 right up to 30m2 box tail lift vehicles.

Box trucks

Most of our box trucks can be driven on a standard license which makes them suitable for most situations. Our box trucks also come in a range of sizes for your convenience.

Refrigerated trucks

We offer refrigerated trucks that do not require plug-in power. Our refrigerated trucks are engine run. Temperatures can range from -7 to -20 depending on which truck you purchase. Our friendly team can assist you with choosing the most suitable refrigerated truck for your needs.

Tipper trucks

Make your deliveries easier by purchasing one of our tipper trucks. Our tipper trucks are the perfect solution for transporting loose building materials, dirt, gravel, sand, wood chips, and more!

Flat deck trucks

We offer flat deck trucks at Eastern Trucks. These vehicles are an ideal solution for those who require a crane or forklift to load and unload goods. Our vehicles are imported directly from Japan. Our in-house mechanics check over each of our vehicles to ensure they are mechanically sound. We do this to give you peace of mind when purchasing a second-hand imported vehicle from us. It is in our best interest that you are purchasing a vehicle that is reliable and unproblematic.

Want to finance your next vehicle?

Talk to our helpful and friendly team, we will point you in the right direction to a reputable finance company that can help with your repayment preferences, financial situation, and budget.

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