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Tail Lift Trucks For Sale

What trucks do we offer?

Here at Eastern Trucks, we offer a wide range of tail lift trucks. All our trucks tail lifts are mechanically checked before your purchase to ensure they are suitable for road usage. Each truck comes with WOF and registration; with the option to get a pre-purchase inspection. We also offer a 3-month mechanical warranty on all of our trucks (exclusions apply).

Qualities to look for before purchasing a tail lift truck:

Size of your loads

It is essential to consider the size of your loads to ensure the tail lift truck you purchase has the capabilities you are expecting. The size of the cargo will also determine what tail lift platform you will need.

Internal Box Dimensions

Tail lift trucks are a long-term investment, make sure you look into what exactly your company is going to use this vehicle for to determine what size is going to be best for your company’s growth over the long term.


The weight of the truck is usually the biggest contributing factor to fuel efficiency. Light = more payload = less fuel.

Initial cost vs on going cost

It is important to consider the on going costs of the vehicle vs the initial cost. Buying the cheapest vehicle on the market today does not necessarily equate to saving money in the long term. Consider ongoing maintenance, fuel efficiency, operation costs, downtime, and depreciation. At Eastern Rentals we offer very competitive pricing, without compromising quality.

Appearance and Functionality

Appearance can have a huge effect on attracting business and retaining drivers.

If you need help deciding what vehicle will best suit you and your company, our team at Eastern Trucks will be more than happy to help guide you through the process to make an informed decision.

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