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10 things to check when buying used trucks

1. Find out why it is being sold

One of the first things to consider when purchasing a used truck from a private seller is to find out why the previous owner is selling the vehicle. Finding out this information will allow you to find out whether the owner is selling the vehicle due to an issue. Eastern Trucks is a registered motor vehicle dealer and all our vehicles are checked and tested to ensure they are of good quality mechanically.


2. Check the service records history

If there appear to be no issues with the truck, check the service history or maintenance records of the truck to ensure the truck has been looked after and serviced regularly.


 3. Look at the oil change records

Along with the service history checking the oil has had regular changes is important. If the oils has not been changed regularly it could indicate potential engine problems in the future. 

Take caution if there are no records of oil or service history. It is a good idea to ask the dealer if there is any missing paperwork and if they have any additional information on the truck’s history.


4. Check the accident history

This is an important one. If the truck has has an accident that has affected more than the body, it is key to find out where the vehicle was damaged and what was done to repair it. Some questions you might like to ask the seller are:

  • Has this vehicle been involved in any crashes or accidents? 
  • If any, how serious were the crashes 
  • What was damaged in the accidents?
  • What was done to repair the damage? 
  • Has the truck had any ongoing issues after the accident(s)?


5. Find out if anything needs replacing

If anything needs replacing, find out so that you can allocate a budget to fixing these parts when you get it. If you are purchasing it from a car dealer they will often be able to assist you with the fix or point you in the right direction to get anything that needs fixing at a reasonable price.


6. Check the reviews on the engine model

Do your own research online. Read reviews on the model you are looking at to see if there have been any known recurring issues with manufacturing or engine issues. Reading these will give you a better insight to the vehicle you are looking at.


7. When visually inspecting the vehicle check body rust

Pay close attention when visually inspecting the vehicle for any rust spots. Areas to look at are door frames, underneath the vehicle and all exterior surfaces on the vehicle.


8. Look at the mileage

Looking at how many kilometers a vehicle has travelled can be a great indicator on the quality of the vehicle as it tells you how much it has been used in the past. 

This however does not mean the vehicle is not in great working order. Many makes and models run for a very long time if they are looked after properly.


9. Check body damage

Along with rust, scan the exterior of the vehicle to check for any physical damage.


10. Look at the current tires

Check the tread on the current tires, if it is wearing thin, be sure to ask how many kilometers have been done since they were last replaced. It is important to know when the tires need replacing and how good the current tires are.


Choosing a reputable second hand vehicle seller

Choosing the right place to purchase your new vehicle can be a big decision. At Eastern Trucks we have a wide range of different trucks to choose from. Our friendly customer service team will be sure to help you with the above steps of checking over the vehicle, finance options, and providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on purchasing your next vehicle.