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What is a HIAB Truck

HIAB Trucks

The term HIAB is actually a brand – Hydrauliska Industri ab. The term HIAB is now a widely used term for a truck crane, which is a crane mounted on a heavy, modified truck chassis. These crane trucks are primarily used in the transport and construction industries for the transportation of freight and materials, respectively. They are able to lift and move large, heavy loads that would otherwise require multiple individuals or pieces of machinery to move.

HIAB crane trucks are incredibly versatile, as they can be used for a variety of tasks, including loading and unloading goods, transporting items between locations, and lifting and placing materials during construction projects.

The crane arms on these trucks are usually operated by a hydraulic mechanism, allowing for precise and efficient movement of loads. Hiab crane trucks are a necessity in the modern world and are invaluable tools for many industries.

A HIAB crane is preferable to a standard crane. It can be driven to different locations, improving convenience and efficiency for workers.

What Can You Lift With A HIAB?

  • Building materials
  • Containers
  • Industrial machinery
  • Boats
  • Modular Homes
  • Heavy Objects

How Much Weight Can A HIAB Take?

Each HIAB crane truck is different. Contact our helpful team to discuss a truck that suits your needs.