Truck Listings On TradeMe: A Guide To Identifying Quality

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Truck Listings On TradeMe: A Guide To Identifying Quality

When scouring TradeMe for trucks, uncovering reputable dealer profiles can offer a sense of reliability in your purchase. Navigating these profiles requires a discerning eye to ensure you’re investing in high-quality trucks that align with your needs.

Identifying Trustworthy Dealer Profiles

  1. Detailed Listings: Explore dealer profiles with comprehensive truck descriptions, including specifications, history, and condition details.
  2. Verified Images: Assess listings with clear and numerous images showcasing the truck’s exterior, interior, and any potential flaws.
  3. Service Records: Look for dealerships providing insights into the truck’s maintenance and service history, indicating a well-maintained vehicle.

Recognising Warning Signs

  1. Lack of Information: Profiles lacking essential details or offering vague descriptions might raise concerns about undisclosed issues.
  2. Poor-quality or Limited Images: Blurry or inadequate images may conceal damages or imperfections, warranting caution.
  3. Unsubstantiated Claims: Be wary of dealerships making exaggerated claims without providing substantial evidence.

Evaluating Dealer Credibility

  1. Seller Ratings and Reviews: Check dealer profiles for positive reviews and ratings, offering insights into their reliability and customer satisfaction.
  2. Communication Responsiveness: Engage with dealers who promptly and transparently respond to queries, indicating professionalism.
  3. Seeking Clarity: Ask pertinent questions to clarify specific details not covered in the listing, ensuring a comprehensive understanding.

Expert Tips for Secure Purposes

  1. Physical Inspections: Consider arranging an in-person inspection or hiring a professional to examine the truck before finalising the purchase.
  2. Market Research: Compare similar listings and understand market values to negotiate a fair price aligned with the truck’s condition.
  3. Trust Instincts: If something seems questionable or too good to be true, exercise caution and investigate further before proceeding.

When seeking reliability in truck purchases on TradeMe, dealer profiles can provide a trustworthy avenue. By scrutinising these profiles, recognising red flags, and evaluating dealer credibility, you can confidently navigate TradeMe listings to find high-quality trucks that meet your requirements with assurance.

Navigating Reliability: Top Used Truck Brands for Sale in NZ

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Navigating Reliability: Top Used Truck Brands for Sale in NZ

Investing in a reliable truck is paramount for businesses and individuals alike. When it comes to the New Zealand market, several brands have consistently proven their reliability and performance over the years. In this guide, we’ll explore the top used truck brands for sale in NZ, focusing on renowned names like Isuzu, Toyota, Hino, Mitsubishi, and Nissan.

Isuzu: The Epitome of Durability

Isuzu trucks are synonymous with durability and robust performance. Renowned for their diesel engines and exceptional fuel efficiency, Isuzu trucks are a popular choice for businesses seeking reliability on New Zealand roads.

Toyota: Where Reliability Meets Resilience

Toyota, a global automotive giant, extends its reputation for reliability to its range of trucks. With a commitment to quality and durability, Toyota trucks for sale in NZ are known for their longevity and adaptability to various industry needs.

Hino: Engineered for Endurance

Hino trucks are crafted with a focus on endurance and efficiency. As a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles, Hino’s trucks boast advanced engineering, making them a reliable choice for businesses across New Zealand.

Mitsubishi: Power and Precision in Motion

Mitsubishi trucks are celebrated for their power and precision. Combining advanced technology with a commitment to reliability, Mitsubishi trucks for sale in NZ are ideal for those seeking a balance between performance and fuel efficiency.

Nissan: Versatility and Dependability

Nissan trucks offer a blend of versatility and dependability. Known for their strong build and adaptability to various applications, Nissan trucks in the NZ market are trusted by businesses for their consistent performance.

Why Choose These Brands for Used Trucks in NZ?

  1. Proven Track Record: Each of these brands has a proven track record of delivering reliable trucks with a history of consistent performance in diverse conditions.
  2. Wide Range of Models: From compact utility trucks to heavy-duty haulers, these brands offer a wide range of models, ensuring there’s a truck suitable for every business requirement.
  3. Dealer Support and Network: The presence of established dealer networks ensures that buyers of used trucks can access reliable service and support when needed.
  4. Resale Value: Respected brands like Isuzu, Toyota, Hino, Mitsubishi, and Nissan often retain strong resale values, offering a sound investment for businesses.


When it comes to purchasing used trucks in New Zealand, opting for reliable brands is a strategic choice. At Eastern Trucks, we pride ourselves on offering a curated selection of pre-owned trucks from trusted brands, ensuring that our customers experience reliability with every purchase.

Explore our range of used trucks for sale and discover the reliability of Isuzu, Toyota, Hino, Mitsubishi, and Nissan. For inquiries, contact our team.

What is a HIAB Truck

What is a HIAB Truck

HIAB Trucks

The term HIAB is actually a brand – Hydrauliska Industri ab. The term HIAB is now a widely used term for a truck crane, which is a crane mounted on a heavy, modified truck chassis. These crane trucks are primarily used in the transport and construction industries for the transportation of freight and materials, respectively. They are able to lift and move large, heavy loads that would otherwise require multiple individuals or pieces of machinery to move.

HIAB crane trucks are incredibly versatile, as they can be used for a variety of tasks, including loading and unloading goods, transporting items between locations, and lifting and placing materials during construction projects.

The crane arms on these trucks are usually operated by a hydraulic mechanism, allowing for precise and efficient movement of loads. Hiab crane trucks are a necessity in the modern world and are invaluable tools for many industries.

A HIAB crane is preferable to a standard crane. It can be driven to different locations, improving convenience and efficiency for workers.

What Can You Lift With A HIAB?

  • Building materials
  • Containers
  • Industrial machinery
  • Boats
  • Modular Homes
  • Heavy Objects

How Much Weight Can A HIAB Take?

Each HIAB crane truck is different. Contact our helpful team to discuss a truck that suits your needs.

How Tipper Trucks Work: Hydraulic Power Behind the Scenes

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How Tipper Trucks Work: Hydraulic Power Behind the Scenes

Efficient Material Handling and Transport

When you see a massive tipper truck gracefully raise its bed to unload tons of materials effortlessly, you might wonder, “How do these powerful machines work?” The answer lies in the intricate hydraulic systems that enable these vehicles to perform their heavy-duty tasks. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of tipper trucks, uncovering the secrets of their hydraulic power, and explaining precisely how tipper trucks work.

Understanding the Tipper Truck Hydraulic System

A crucial component of tipper trucks is the hydraulic system. This system is responsible for lifting and lowering the truck’s cargo bed, making it versatile and efficient for tasks such as hauling and unloading bulk materials. The hydraulic system consists of several key elements:

  1. Hydraulic Pump:

  – The hydraulic pump is the heart of the system. It’s powered by the truck’s engine and generates hydraulic pressure.

  1. Hydraulic Fluid:

  – Hydraulic fluid, typically oil, is used to transmit the force generated by the pump throughout the system.

  1. Cylinder and Piston:

  – The hydraulic fluid is channeled to a cylinder with a piston. When pressure is applied, the piston moves, exerting force.

  1. Control Valves:

  – Control valves regulate the flow of hydraulic fluid, allowing operators to control the raising and lowering of the cargo bed.

How Tipper Trucks Work: The Hydraulic Power Process

Now that we’ve covered the essential components of the hydraulic system let’s break down how tipper trucks work:

  1. Loading the Cargo:

  – To begin the process, the cargo bed is lowered into the loading position. The control valves are adjusted to allow hydraulic fluid to flow to the piston. As a result, the piston extends, raising the cargo bed.

  1. Transporting the Load:

  – Once the cargo is loaded onto the bed, the tipper truck is ready for transportation. The cargo bed remains in its raised position, ensuring that the load is secure during transit.

  1. Unloading the Cargo:

  – When it’s time to unload, the control valves are manipulated again. This time, they direct hydraulic fluid to retract the piston. As the piston retracts, it lowers the cargo bed and tips it, allowing the load to slide or be dumped out effortlessly.

  1. Repeat as Needed:

  – Tipper trucks can repeat this process as many times as necessary to complete the job efficiently. The power and precision of the hydraulic system make it a versatile tool for various industries, including construction, mining, and waste management.


Understanding the inner workings of tipper trucks and their hydraulic systems sheds light on the power and versatility of these essential vehicles. The hydraulic power at the heart of tipper trucks is what makes them capable of handling heavy loads and simplifying the unloading process.

So the next time you see a tipper truck in action, you’ll have a better appreciation for the technology and engineering that go into making these vehicles work seamlessly. Whether you’re involved in construction, agriculture, or any industry that relies on efficient material handling, the hydraulic power of tipper trucks plays a vital role in getting the job done.

Essential Truck Maintenance Tips

Owning a used truck in New Zealand demands proper maintenance for longevity and reliability. Regular upkeep not only extends its lifespan but also improves fuel efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. From fluid checks to tire care and brake inspections, these essential maintenance tips ensure your truck’s top performance. At Eastern Trucks, we’re committed to your investment’s longevity. Contact our experienced team to explore our durable tipper truck options today.

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The Advantages of Using Tipper Trucks for Construction and Industrial industries

Tipper Commercial Truck For Sale | Eastern Trucks

The Advantages of Using Tipper Trucks for Construction and Industrial industries

Efficient Material Handling and Transport

1. Tipper trucks are good for large-scale projects

Tipper trucks are incredibly useful for large-scale construction or renovation projects since they can quickly and easily transport large amounts of dirt and debris away from the site. Additionally, they are an indispensable tool for cleaning up the site after the job is finished, since they can transport considerable amounts of rubbish to a waste disposal site in a single trip, without the need for multiple trips in smaller vehicles.

2. Transporting materials

Tipper trucks are a great option for transporting a variety of heavy items, from waste management materials to large machinery. They are versatile and can be used in many industries, such as construction, landscaping and machinery hire. For one-time projects, it is often more cost-effective to use tipper truck hire.

3. Professional in appearance

Tipper trucks are not only a convenient method of moving goods and getting rid of unwanted waste, but they also create a perception of reliability and competence. Having these vehicles at your disposal suggests that you are prepared for bigger tasks and are equipped to efficiently manage and discard materials.

4. Cost-effective

Tipper trucks are an ideal choice for large-scale construction projects due to their ability to transport enormous amounts of materials in one go. This approach is cost-effective for the building owner and lucrative for the truck owner. It simplifies the contractor’s job by providing materials quickly and in large amounts.

Contact our experienced team to discuss our tipper truck options today.

5 Advantages of buying a refrigerated box truck

5 Advantages of buying a refrigerated box truck

How a Refrigerated Box Truck Can Benefit Your Business

1. Flexibility in your schedule 

Unlike hiring a refrigerated box truck, having your own will allow you to cater to your customer’s needs with more flexibility to accommodate to their busy schedules. It will also allow you to work in with your and your employee’s schedule, rather than trying to work around hire periods. 

2. Transport a bigger variety of products 

Without a refrigerated truck, you are limited to what you can transport. Most refrigerated vehicles also offer a humidity control system which means you can transport goods such as art or food with peace of mind the goods you are transporting won’t get damaged by heat or humidity. You will also widen your cargo options to things like makeup, pharmaceuticals, and lab or engineering materials. 

3. Most refrigerated trucks are customizable 

If you need some of your goods frozen and other products in the same delivery at fridge temperature, this is usually possible to customize to suit your business’s needs. 

4. Your business will save money 

At the end of the day, it is most businesses aim to save money in all areas of their business. By getting your own refrigerated truck you will save money by:

  • Completing more deliveries with your flexible schedule 
  • Reducing your product spoilage prevents you from spending money rectifying issues 
  • Minimise staff overheads from organizing the hiring of the vehicle to going to pick it up, drop it off, and everything else involved in hiring instead of buying. 
  • Maintain your clients by delivering them fresh, well-transported goods! 

5. You will prevent product spoilage

Whether it’s food items you are carrying or medical goods, you will prevent spoilage by carrying it at a controlled temperature during transit.

Purchase a vehicle with Eastern Trucks

If you are interested in purchasing a refrigerated box truck, get in touch with the friendly team at Eastern Trucks today. We can help find the right vehicle to suit your business needs & budget.

5 Reasons Why Buying A Used Truck Is A Better Investment Than Buying A New Truck

5 Reasons Why Buying A Used Truck Is A Better Investment Than Buying A New Truck

Buying a brand new truck is exciting, especially when it comes to your DREAM truck. Mesmerised over the shininess, gruntyness, and newness of a brand new truck? And all those extra features and gadgets that make work and leisure so much better! Until you have a look at the price tag; costs add up quickly. Not to worry, you can buy the brand new entry-level truck without the features. The features can wait.. However, then you are then driving off with a lot less than you were hoping for. Buyers’ regret begins to sink in.. ‘Why would I have buyers regret after purchasing my dream, brand new truck’? Well, that brand new truck you just bought without the additional features and packages you wanted, just depreciated in value as soon as the tires hit the road. So not only did you spend your entire budget and compromise on those additional extras you have always needed and dreamed of, but your truck will now never be worth the value of what you paid for it initially. Does it really seem worth it? 

Let us share 5 reasons why buying a used truck is a much better investment than buying a new truck. 

1. More Cost-Effective / Better Prices

Let’s not beat around the bush.. Trucks are expensive. However, not a pre-owned truck thank you for the depreciation. Many brand new trucks have a starting price of around $50,000 not including features or extra gadgets. A huge benefit of buying a pre-owned truck is the ability to find a price tag that meets your budget; without having to compromise the additional extras. You can get a used truck that is only a few years old for thousands of dollars cheaper. On top of saving money on the initial purchase means insurance rates will be cheaper on a previously owned truck too.

2. More Durability and Reliability.

While we can sense your worry from here about buying a second-hand truck, let’s put that worry to rest. Trucks are made to handle heavy loads, earth moving, and transporting large amounts of materials; they don’t get their name of being heavy-duty trucks for nothing.  If you worry about the wear and tear when buying a used truck there is an abundance of online tools to support your decision with a clear mind; the key one being Carfax. This online site can show an abundance of information on your soon-to-be truck such as a vehicle’s repair history, maintenance, and all the rest to ensure you are making a smart, well-thought-out investment. This site also offers the chance to read reviews of different truck models and trims from previous owners to see the pros and con’s from a more personal view, allowing you to find the perfect truck for you. 

3. 3-Month Warranty Guaranteed

Buying a truck is an investment and we want to help you protect that investment. Here at Eastern Trucks, we offer a 3 months warranty on any truck you purchase.

With this in mind, knowing you are buying an already reliable truck and having this added protection, you will be able to ride the roads with peace of mind. 

4. More Features and Packages

As mentioned earlier on, not only will you be saving money by purchasing a used truck, you will now be able to afford those additional features you have dreamed of! While we know extra features are expensive and can increase depending on the type of truck you are looking to purchase; buying used you will be able to get the features you want at a cheaper or similar price to a new entry model truck that comes as is.

Let’s be realistic, do you want a shiny brand new truck with no added features and one that depreciates in value fast? Or a second-hand truck that you can have all your extra added features along with far less depreciation? The answer is clear to us.

5. Far Less Depreciation

You will be making a smarter investment purchasing a used truck, why? Because it’s not only about saving money on those initial costs and features when it comes to buying a used truck. While depreciation happens regardless if it is an old or new truck; buying a brand new truck that depreciation is going to happen a lot faster as opposed to a used truck. It is said that as soon as your tires hit the road on a new truck purchase your vehicle drops immediately and will continue to drop in the first year on average 20% of the brought price. That shiny new truck you brought for $50,000 will lose around $10,000 in its first year. Yes, you heard right, ten thousand dollars. By purchasing a pre-owned truck you will see a much smaller loss in value in the first year.

Remember trucks are made for the terrain and have huge durability. Don’t settle for less when you can have all the extra features you know and love with a pre-owned truck. Make a smart investment today with Eastern Trucks.

An overview of the used trucks for sale in NZ

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An overview of the used trucks for sale in NZ

Whether they are imported or NZ new, there are many different types of used trucks available for sale in NZ. In this blog we’ve given an overview of the different types of trucks available and what they are best used for.

Tipper Trucks

Tipper trucks are ideal for carrying loose materials such as dirt, grain, sand, fill, rocks & wood chips. These trucks allow you to carry these loose materials in bulk to work sites and dump them using tipping cylinders.

 Flat Deck Trucks

Flat deck trucks have a flat body with no sides or roof around the back section of the vehicle. These types of trucks are versatile vehicles. Flat deck trucks are typically used for:

  • Transporting abnormal sized cargo 
  • Constructional steel work 
  • Transporting machinery 

Advantages of a flat deck truck:

  • Easy to load long items, for example, timber, beams & poles
  • Lighter than other truck options due to no structure on top of the trailer 
  • Can be unloaded and loaded from on top, for example, by crain
  • Can be quick to load and unload 

Disadvantages of a flat deck truck:

  • Cargo is exposed to weather
  • Items are not locked up
  • Odd shaped items can cause wind resistance

Refrigerated Trucks

These vehicles are quite obviously used to transport perishable goods from one destination to another, however, can also be beneficial for transporting other goods such as chemicals and engineer materials, medicine and vaccines that require a certain temperature to avoid spoilage. 

Advantages of a refrigerated truck:

  • If you are in the transport industry, more opportunities for transporting perishable goods 
  • Easy pick up and delivery 


  • Extra vehicle maintenance due to having a refrigerator unit
  • Extra expenses, for example, trailer cleaning
  • Spoiled freight

Tail Lift Truck

Tail lift trucks are great for transporting large items. Having a tail lift on the back of the truck allows for easy transport – there is no need for machinery to assist.


  • No need for a fork lift 
  • Easy delivery and pick up
  • Bridge the height difference between a loading dock and the vehicle


  • A broken or damaged tail lift is an expensive repair

Box Trucks

Box trucks have an enclosed cargo area. They are used for moving furniture, carrying merchandise, delivering equipment & many more. These trucks are the most common trucks you will see around and are very versatile. 


  • No need to hook up a trailer
  • Safe storage container
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Economical


  • Cannot be loaded or unloaded from the top
  • Needs either machinery or people to load and unload from the back

Still not sure what the right truck is for your needs? Contact us and one of our experienced team members will assist you with finding the right truck for your needs.

10 things to check when buying used trucks

10 things to check when buying used trucks

1. Find out why it is being sold

One of the first things to consider when purchasing a used truck from a private seller is to find out why the previous owner is selling the vehicle. Finding out this information will allow you to find out whether the owner is selling the vehicle due to an issue. Eastern Trucks is a registered motor vehicle dealer and all our vehicles are checked and tested to ensure they are of good quality mechanically.


2. Check the service records history

If there appear to be no issues with the truck, check the service history or maintenance records of the truck to ensure the truck has been looked after and serviced regularly.


 3. Look at the oil change records

Along with the service history checking the oil has had regular changes is important. If the oils has not been changed regularly it could indicate potential engine problems in the future. 

Take caution if there are no records of oil or service history. It is a good idea to ask the dealer if there is any missing paperwork and if they have any additional information on the truck’s history.


4. Check the accident history

This is an important one. If the truck has has an accident that has affected more than the body, it is key to find out where the vehicle was damaged and what was done to repair it. Some questions you might like to ask the seller are:

  • Has this vehicle been involved in any crashes or accidents? 
  • If any, how serious were the crashes 
  • What was damaged in the accidents?
  • What was done to repair the damage? 
  • Has the truck had any ongoing issues after the accident(s)?


5. Find out if anything needs replacing

If anything needs replacing, find out so that you can allocate a budget to fixing these parts when you get it. If you are purchasing it from a car dealer they will often be able to assist you with the fix or point you in the right direction to get anything that needs fixing at a reasonable price.


6. Check the reviews on the engine model

Do your own research online. Read reviews on the model you are looking at to see if there have been any known recurring issues with manufacturing or engine issues. Reading these will give you a better insight to the vehicle you are looking at.


7. When visually inspecting the vehicle check body rust

Pay close attention when visually inspecting the vehicle for any rust spots. Areas to look at are door frames, underneath the vehicle and all exterior surfaces on the vehicle.


8. Look at the mileage

Looking at how many kilometers a vehicle has travelled can be a great indicator on the quality of the vehicle as it tells you how much it has been used in the past. 

This however does not mean the vehicle is not in great working order. Many makes and models run for a very long time if they are looked after properly.


9. Check body damage

Along with rust, scan the exterior of the vehicle to check for any physical damage.


10. Look at the current tires

Check the tread on the current tires, if it is wearing thin, be sure to ask how many kilometers have been done since they were last replaced. It is important to know when the tires need replacing and how good the current tires are.


Choosing a reputable second hand vehicle seller

Choosing the right place to purchase your new vehicle can be a big decision. At Eastern Trucks we have a wide range of different trucks to choose from. Our friendly customer service team will be sure to help you with the above steps of checking over the vehicle, finance options, and providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on purchasing your next vehicle.